Funky vs. Fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous: Festival Edition. 

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- Having to use an outhouse. Never pleasant. 

-Paying wayyyy too much for food & drink. Total ripoff. 

-A romper tan. Guilty.

-The outfits. The tattoos. The outfits & tattoos. 

-When your phone runs out of battery. 

-Trying really hard not to over SnapChat. 

- Being forced to enter contests that you probably won't win...

-Parking shuttles. They smell & no one is thrilled to be on them. 


- When your friend surprises you with festival tickets. 

-Seeing your favorite band for the 3rd time (in my case, The Fray). 

-Knowing that no one cares how you dance...Right?

-Discovering new music (and falling back in love with old favorites). 

-The wide array of fried food. Literally a dream.  

-Feeling like a festival stereotype yet being totally fine with it. 

-Knowing that this is just the start of Summer 2014!

  ^ ^^ My proudest moments...Harhar. 

  ^ ^^ My proudest moments...Harhar. 

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