Not Important Things

Back by popular demand...

Here are 15 more things, aside from these things, that I betcha didn't know about me!

1. I'm a grazer. I'd choose snacks over a feast any day. 

2. I support any combination that involves chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. 

3. I've never seen Star Wars. The force isn't with me.  

4. My go-to drink is a glass of wine (preferably red).  

5. I rarely sleep past 7am.

6. I think self-tanner is a necessity. 

7. I almost always paint my nails with OPI's Mod About You

8. I will find any excuse to celebrate. 

9. I don't believe in camping. 

10.  Two things I can't live without? Lipstick and hair ties. 

11. I sometimes go to Whole Foods to relax (my sister does the same thing). 

12. I signed the lease on my apartment because it was close to Barneys NY

13. I look forward to my morning cup of coffee.

14. I truly believe in lucky pennies.

15. I go to church every Sunday. It keeps me sane.  

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