10 Reasons Why I'm Ironic (Part II)

Here are 10 reasons why I'm not really meant to be a blogger, yet I still am....

(Part II) 


1. I truly hate shopping (unless brunch at Neiman’s is involved).

2. I don’t trust anyone who likes chevron print

3. I never really do my hair (hence the ponytail…) 

4. My closet is limited in size, clothing, and color. 

5. Boyfriend taking my photos? Oh hell no.  

6. I'm more obsessed with Snapchat than Instagram. 

7. My nails never really look presentable... 

8. I’d rather buy decor than denim. 

9. My kitchen isn’t fancy enough for food photos. 

10. I can't buzz my mailman in, meaning I can't online shop. Tragic. 


Best part? Blogging allows you to be yourself, making all of the above kinda, sorta, irrelevant.


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