Home for the Holidays

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Now that I've finally escaped the craziness of the holidays, I have time to blog about it. I don't know about you, but for almost 2 weeks, I stuffed my face with sugar (thanks mom!) and had one too many glasses of wine (thanks friends!). It was ideal, mostly because I got to watch cheesy Christmas movies, work in my Pjs, and bond with my car in traffic. I also attended 2 white elephant parties: one which consisted of 5 year olds and the other where I proceeded to give a fish... a gift that backfired on my behalf, oops.  I had some deep revelations too, mostly in Las Vegas, where I realized that at the age of 24, I should be put out to pasture. It was rough, but I have come to terms with the idea that my body will never be a raver. 

Other highlights included Christmas morning (presents duh), New Year's Eve (Champagne duh), and spending a whole lotta time with my family (amazing duh).  Long story short, it was unforgettable and filled with love. 

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Ok, now time for a juice cleanse. 


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