SF Weekend


Last weekend was one of those weekends that I'm still longing for. The weather was prime, my mom was in town, and there was nothing on the agenda. That being said, we did what comes naturally: eat and decorate. When that mission was accomplished, we took a little walk through Crissy Field (S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.) and went "dream house" hunting with a few close friends. A trip to suburb Target (a luxury if you live in the city), finalized the perfect weekend.

[Deets below] 


Brunch at Sweet Woodruff. This place is tiny but delicious. Since the kitchen is open, it's fun to see the cooks prep and cook each meal. We had mimosas, apple & granola yogurt, and the breakfast burger. They also offer cooking classes, which my conscience is hinting at...


My favorite lil guy. For you new readers, he's definitely NOT mine.


Can we talk about Mason Pacific? Ok good. It was my second attempt at getting a reservation and now I know why. The location is a little random but the food is great. I highly suggest the house wine, potato skins, and peanut butter mousse. . . ta die for. 


Since it was probably the last warm weekend SF will have in a while, heading to Crissy Field felt right. If you go, wear a coat and grab a coffee. Next time I'm definitely reserving a table/grill for a picnic.


Yes, yes my apartment is finally looking like a home. Special thanks to my mom who helped me hang and frame all my art. This is just a small glimpse, but expect more photos to come! 

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