VAYCAY Skin Care

Lets talk (travel) skin care. 

While I would love to bring my medicine cabinet with me everywhere I go, it would seriously hold up the airport security line. Thus, I need to stick with the nitty, gritty basics that will do the job on the go. 

Drumroll please... 

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Toner: After you give your face a scrub, turn to toner for the deepest clean eva! I used to use Clinique toner in my tween years, but then fell off the toner train. Since I've started using it again, I've noticed a significant decrease in breakouts. Win.

Note: it can be harsh on your skin, so consider options specifically developed for "sensitive skin." 

Moroccan Oil: I have been a huge fan of Moroccan Oil from the start (it was actually one of the first posts ever on PWP!). Since I have frizzy hair, the texture of my hair changes depending on where I am (socal = dry, norcal = damp). I can always count of this stuff to tame my mane and add shine. 

Spot treatment: NO JOKE this stuff is a miracle product. I love it so much I've tweeted Kate Somerville about it (yes, it's embarrassing). It zaps spots in a jiffy so you don't have to wear makeup on vacation. Mark my word.  

Lotion: Obviously, lotion is important. My sister actually sent me this jar of Olive goodness. I've just started using it and have no complaints, it's perfect for traveling. Though, when I'm not traveling, I am a huge fan of Kiehl's products.

Eye makeup remover pads: It used to be impossible to remove all the "black stuff" from my eyes each night until I came across this little gem. Each pad has a special power that removes all traces of eye makeup without having to waste your expensive face wipes. They are also oil free and also claim "protect your lashes." 

PS: Check back  tomorrow, I'll be sharing my travel beauty routine!  

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