the elements of decor.

Maybe it's the blogger in me, but I honestly believe that just because you're in your twenties, doesn't mean you have to kick it on a futon. I've recently received a few emails about my apartment asking about any tips I had for decorating on a budget. Here are the "essentials" that I feel make a rental your own. They aren't expensive and they don't require a trip to Ikea. BOOM.

Keep the questions coming and check out my favorites below!  

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Entertaining Essentials

If you love to host friends for dinner and drinks, make your bar cart and entertaining essentials part of your decor. No need to hide your glassware, cookbooks, or booze. Just be sure to keep it clutter-free so it looks more stylish than sloppy!


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Pattern and Color

One of the easiest ways to make your space "you" is incorporating your favorite color and pattern. If you're on a budget, the best way to do this is through "layers" (similar to your wardrobe). The foundation pieces in my apartment are very basic (white bedding, solid colored couch, etc) but this allows me to easily switch out my pillows, linens, and throws when I'm looking for a quick and affordable change. 

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Vintage Finds

For "non-Ikea" decor, invade flea markets and antique shops. Depending on the location and vendor, you can find some great pieces at affordable prices. Also, don't judge something at first'd be surprised by the power of spray paint. 

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Fresh Flowers

While they seem unnecessary, I swear they make all the difference in a room. This idea has been engrained in me by my parents since I was a little girl. You can usually pick up a bunch at Trader Joe's for around $5 (aka, the price of a fancy coffee). 

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Unique Dishware

Glasses and tumblers in cool colors can be used for more than drinking. I have glasses lying around my apartment holding everything from candles, pens, and makeup brushes.

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