funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...."These are my plastic pants"...Edition. 

leather leggings .jpg


-The quarter-life crisis I had this week. Win.  

-Happy hour without wine.  

-Falling up (I repeat UP) the stairs. 

-Skipping yoga. Crud.  

-Apartment hunting in SF....Don't even try it.  

-Outfit photos. THEY ARE AWKWARD.  

-Hearing the same Pandora commercial OVER and OVER.  

-Coffee shops that don't offer Splenda. Betchy.

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Image 8-21-13 at 8.50 PM.jpg


-Leaving for work early to stroll the Ferry Building

 -When a stranger told me I was "BART'S best dressed." :) 

-Deciding not to brush my hair this week. #EmbraceTheSwimmerBun. 

-Taco Tuesday and Taco Thursday.  

-3 day weekends. My brain needs a break.  

-Notes from readers. Y'all are the best.  

-New sunnies. 

 -My friends. I would die w/out 'em. 

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