shakey shake.

So I just found something that may be better than coffee...

Garden of Life RAW Protein.

Blended with a banana and almond milk, this bad boy is chocolatey goodness in a glass.


 Aside from letting me reminisce about my vegan days, this is the first protein shake that makes me feel noticeably better. For realz. I swear this stuff puts a pep in your step. Not only does it keep me full until just about lunch; it has helped my digestion, energy levels, everything.  

I had to share because there aren't many products that make me feel so good and are so convenient (except for wine). In fact, when I was swimming, I first became vegan because I hated "artificial" powders and shakes so much. 

I'm not using this for weight loss, weightlifting, or sports, just as an easy breakfast — oatmeal was kinda letting me down. 

Whole Foods sells single servings so you can give it a try. Let me know what you think!  


These opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with Garden of Life. 

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