not important things.

Back by popular demand...

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Here are 10 (more things) I betcha didn't know about me!

1.  I HATE eggs.

2. I'm afraid of the eyelash curler. 

3. I don't own cable. In fact, the only things I really watch are documentaries.  

4. I actually have really curly hair.  

5. I'm a beer hayter (but there are exceptions to every rule). 

6. I am famous for locking myself out. My locksmith is on speed dial.  

7. I'm obsessed with going to the dentist. 

8.   I have to get my hair done every 4 weeks. #platinumproblems 

9. I dread malls. 99.9% of my purchases are done online.  

10. I will always choose French fries over cupcakes. 

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