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This past weekend I finally went to my first Outside Lands! Although I was completely wiped out by the end of it, I had a great time and don't regret ruining my shoes (and feet) in the process. Of course seeing Paul McCartney perform live was life changing, but I also LOVED Jurassic 5, Matt & Kim, Vampire Weekend, and Foals. 

To be honest, OL can only be describe as both funky and fabulous. 

[Drumroll please...] 

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-My future marriage to A-Trak. It's going to happen. 

-Gourmet tater tots. Q Restaurant has officially changed my life. 

- My reaffirmed love for SF.  

-Dancing with my friends :)

-Discovering new music/bands.  

-Beer & Wine. Beer & Wine.  

-Simply being in Golden Gate Park. Stunning.  

-Seeing a BEATLE!  

-Staying warm with hot chocolate.  


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- The (basically) below freezing temps. 


-Every single picture (minus the few featured) that I took. 

-The 5 pounds I (likely) gained.  

-Trying to text with gloves on.  

-99.9% of the outfits I witnessed.  

-A wet butt from sitting in the grass. 

-My hippie/grunge look after 8 hours in the dirt. Not cute. 

- People who steal cell phones.

-My body Monday morning, I now know what it (probably) feels like to run a marathon.

-Walking a mile to find my car. 

-A dead cell phone. #digitaldetox


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