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Currently, I'm all about bright, quirky additions . . .


Meet Hank.

Hank is my temp dog because there is no way I could or should have a real mutt. So, until I learn how to keep a plant alive, this bad boy chills on the couch and greets guests without shedding. 

Go ahead, judge away or get your own fake pet here.



Depending on how you use it, colored glass is a great way to add color to a table, room, or your din din. Long story short, I'm obsessed. 


Ohh Banter Banners, how I love you so. I first saw this #WTF gem in my friend's apartment and have since ordered this banner for my desk. I love how Ange has grown something so simple (and arguably necessary) into a business, not to mention a smile. 


Considering I've had most of my furniture since I was 19... It's time for an update. First on the list was painting my black frames, white. It has completely changed the look and feel of my space. It also only cost me $6 bucks. YAY!

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