Adventures of a Snacker

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This past weekend, I took a little adventure to Tahoe. Now, don't get me wrong Tahoe is gorg: blue, crisp, and clear. But, after a run-in with a fish, a water snake, and a log, I realized rivers aren't my scene. What is my scene? Restaurants.  Yes, restaurants, because if you can't embrace the outdoors, embrace the food (duh). 

Here were some of the highlights from my trip: onion rings from The Bridgetender (literally some of the best I've had), garlic seasoned pita with hummus from "our cooler," French fries & nachos from the River Ranch Lodge, zucchini sticks from Sunnyside Restaurant, and iced coffee from McDonalds . . . 

Now I'm highly considering a juice cleanse, but all is good in the world.  


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