summer bucket list

The hardest thing about reality is that there's NO SUMMER VACATION. No more 2 month breaks followed up by school supplies shopping — those days are gone. So, I'm making it a point to adventure. Like most posts on my blog, I made a list with the hope it holds me accountable and helps me share photos with you along the way. 

I'm about to be really busy, in the best of ways! 



 -Start a mini bar/master a signature cocktail. 

-Go on more hikes around the Bay.  

-Make a Napa appearance.  

-Host an outdoor dinner party.  

-Bring my DSLR more places. 

-Cheer on the Oakland A's.  

-Have a picnic.

-Do more baking!

-Score big at the flea market.  

-Beach. Beach. Beach.

 -Attend a "movie in the park."


What are your Summer plans?!?!?

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