When Life Gives You Lemons Brunch -- Part I

When life gives you lemons, THROW A PARTY!

Well, more like a brunch, but you catch my drift. With a little help from Martha (yes, the Martha Stewart!) I turned lemons and a "celebration-in-a-box"  into an epic afternoon.

lemon party .jpg

Deciding lemons are more worthy of a party than just a squeeze, I invited my closest friends, rounded up a party box, and splurged on lemons at the supermarket. 

Image 6-5-13 at 8.42 PM.png
Image 6-5-13 at 8.42 PM - Version 2.png
lemon muffins .jpg

Keeping with the theme, I made sure everything I served was lemon-y: lemon bars, lemon poppy-seed muffins, and lemonade mojitos

Ps: I cheated and used the boxed mix. YOLO.  



These pretty ladies are my best friends. You can find them on Twitter . . . 

table cloth .jpg

Instead of using a table cloth, I used wrapping paper cut to the size of the table. Not only was this prettier than most fabrics, the clean up was extremely easy and I didn't have to worry about spills. 


Scalloped plates. I die. 

party favors .jpg

For the favors, I used the adorable Martha's boxes and chocolate candy. I added lemon drops and lemonade mix as the final touch...get it ;)

lemon centerpiece .jpg

Guess what party animals? If you repin your favorite images from the #LetsCelebrate pin party board with the #letscelebrate hashtag, you can win your own "celebration-in-a-box."

Just promise to invite me to the party. 


 All the MarthaCelebrations at JcPenney products featured in this post were provided by the Editors at Martha Stewart Living, a team that loves a good party and deeply admires the bloggers who throw them.

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