LA Top 5

As promised, I'm going to share my favorite spots, in my favorite cities. I already started with Berkeley, here is LA! 


1. Malibu (specifically Zuma Beach): Now, if Gwen Stefani didn't name her kid Zuma, it would be my future child's name. If you compare Malibu to other beaches, there's nothing that great about it (it's always foggy, etc). But, Malibu has the magic factor. Zuma Beach is a really good spot for body surfing and hot lifeguards; Paradise Cove is a great place to meet friends for drinks and calories. I also plan on living in Malibu and making my kids attend my high school, but that's another story . . . 

2. LA Jewelry District: No joke, I was born and raised at the Jewelry Mart — my mother is a jeweler. This place has taught me the value of a diamond and how to strike a good deal. You can get anything from carats to costume jewelry. It's a girl's dream. Please, scatter my ashes here, not at Bergdorfs.  

3. Pasadena (Colorado Boulevard & the Rose Bowl Flea Market): So the Rose Bowl Flea Market (every second Sunday of the month) prepped me as a child for 6 am swim practice. It also led me to some pretty epic accessories, furniture, and really good lemonade slushies. As for Colorado Boulevard, there's everything from Lululemon to Zara. It's a tradition for my mother and I to spend way too much $ at that Sephora

4. Bottega Louie: I imagine heaven to look exactly like Bottega Louie. Honestly, it has everything I live for: pizza, cocktails, and pretty baked goods. It also has the best looking bathroom I've ever seen. This place is precious. 

5.  West Third Street: If the TV show The Hills and San Francisco were put in a blender, West Third Street would result. It's a great location filled with eclectic little restaurants and shops. It's also fairly close to places like the Grove, the Bev Center, and my best friends apartment. 

One last note on LA, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to choose 5 places. As a SoCal girl who was born, raised, and attended college in LA, it's a town that holds a special place in my heart. Will I ever return? IDK. Traffic kinda pi$$es me off. 

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