10 things.

10 things I'm happy about at this very moment in time....


1. I just completed 365 days in the working world. 

2. I have a group of friends I wouldn't trade anything for. 

3. My parish has become my home away from home.  

4. It hasn't rained on my clean car (yet).  

5. My Monday nights no longer revolve around the Bachelorette. It SUCKS now. 

6. I just left CVS with a receipt full of coupons. 

7.  My latest online shopping spree that didn't lead to a return. 

8.  I've accepted my love/hate relationship with the gym. 

9. The musicians who rock out at the BART station.  

10.  It's Wednesday, meaning it's all downhill from here!

 So yeah. Don't be sad, be glad.  What's making you happy today?


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