Funky vs. Fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous....I just wanna twirl...Edition. 

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-My life. 

-Near death by hot yoga. 

-Summers in SF. Time to bust out the Winter coat.   

- Waisting 2 hours of my life online shopping. 

-My inability to go a day without chipping my nails.  

-When your mom signs up for SnapChat.  

-Bug bites. Not ok.  

-When the dryer shrinks your clothes.  

-Getting lost when your car has GPS.

-When Trader Joe's runs out of peonies.   

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 -My life.  

- Convertibles. 

-Afternoons with good friends, pizza, and margs. 

-My workout buddy :)

-Sunday morning doughnuts (I switched it up from the usual pancakes).  

-Finding money in your pocket. 

-Dessert gum.  

-Making it out of Target not in debt.  

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