funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...neon tops make you look tan...edition.

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-When your mom texts you "what's yolo?"

-The smell of burnt popcorn.



-Debating the best emoji.

-When the flight attendant wakes you up.

-Losing an hour of your life to Etsy. 

-99.9% of the people at the Met Gala. 

-The look people give you when you forget your reusable bag.

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-Sleeping past my alarm but still making it to work on time. Boom.

-Big Betty. Best gift ever. 

-When you get called out in yoga . . . for doing a good job.

-Peanut sauce — admit it.

-Midweek facials (also, best gift ever).

-Not taking finals.

-Pep talks.

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shirt: anthropologie // skirt: similar // shoes: similar // bag: vintage (and half my paycheck)

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