i'm all about...

Keeping it simple and sticking to the little things, here's what I'm currently all about...


One of my favorite things about the Spring/Summer are the long nights. Not only am I more productive (cough cough I actually want to go for a run at 7pm) but happy hours and post-work shenanigans are elevated. 


I've always been about gold accents, but over that last few weeks I've gone overboard. . . 


Need I say more? Maybe it's an SF thing, but brunch is quickly becoming a tradition. It has changed my weekends, for the tastier.


OMG OMG OMG peonies. Lets freak out.  


To avoid bordem (and writer's block), I try to make it a point to explore new places and mix up my "routine." Lately it's been in the form of weekend trips and new restaurants. I started doing this when I was a swimmer and it has made all the difference during my week. 

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