funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...I wear bib necklaces because I'm a Bibb...edition.

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- New hair = identity crisis. 

- Buying food at the airport.

- When you have too many $1 bills. People judge.

-Wet nails. 

-Starting to brainstorm . . . Halloween costumes.  

-When you disagree with your horoscope.

- Death by hot yoga.

- Burning a pre-made meal. FAIL.

-Late night info commercials. Ridiculous.

-Running out of toilet paper.

-When your computer hits  "reserved battery power" BUT you don't want to get out of bed for the charger. 

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- Family time.

- Summer weather!

-The Kentucky Derby + Cinco de Mayo, all in one weekend.

-Seeing my friends and family graduate. 

-Cowboy boots. Disclaimer: please don't judge or destroy me for saying this.

-Mixing PB with fro-yo. Try it.

-Actually having cash.

-Sunday morning pancake rituals ( 8 weeks going strong!).

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sunnies // shoes // skirt + tee (not online) // necklace: F21 

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