funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...windy...edition.

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-Trying to text on the treadmill. 

-My hair in the morning. Actually, everything in the morning. 

-Setting your alarm for PM instead of AM.

-Walking into Bath and Body Works. It smells like woah.

-When jeans stretch out.

-Celebrity baby names.

-People who comment on your ID picture. 

-Going to the post office, what a cluster _ _ _ _ .

-Trying to find a Kentucky Derby hat, they don't exist in CA.

-Knowing you'll never have hair like the people on Pinterest. 

-When your movie rental expires.

-Ryan Lochte's reality show.

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-Visits from the BFF. 

-Bowling (even if you can't play with bumpers). 

-Foot reflexology.

-Lunch dates. 

-Ditching the Internet to catch up on magazines. 

-Answered prayers. 

-H&M raids (so many steals!)

-Getting a new purse :)

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//top: UO // jeans: F21 // sunnies // heels

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