IDK, here are 15 (pointless) facts you (probably) don't know about me...

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1. I have glasses but prefer to eat my carrots instead.

2. I love peanut butter so much, I refuse to buy it. 

3. I can only write to hip hop.

4. You probably shouldn't take me seriously until I've had my coffee. 

5. Without fail, I start and end my day in Uggs.

6.  I still don't know how to braid my hair. 

7. Before I went to CAL, I attended UCLA.

8. I almost always fall asleep at the movies.

9. I notoriously lock myself out.

10. I refuse to spend over $20 on a pair of jeans. 

11. In high school I had black hair.

12. The goggles I swim with are made for toddlers.  

13. Ok fine, I read my horoscope every day.

14. I still think it's a shame I haven't been on the Price is Right....

15. To be honest, I only go to the mall for food.

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