berkeley top 5

K guys, I'm going to start sharing my favorite spots, in my favorite cities, starting with Berk.


1. 4th Street : Fourth street is my Sunday hangout. The girls at the Benefit used to be my unofficial therapists (JK-ish) until they messed up my brows. Anyways, it's a great place for practically anything and it's just so darn adorable.  I'd go into more detail, but I already alerted the world about it here

2. College Ave (mostly because of Ici): College is where Berkeley keeps it classy. It's not the hippie scene that the poor town is known for, there is actually a Lululemon. But aside from cute shops that are over priced, there's this ice cream shop called ICI. I'm obsessed to almost a gross level. But it has been voted one of the best ice cream shops in America, so it's ok. College also has great restaurants (I love Summer Time Kitchen) and a pet store that I try to avoid. 

3. The Berkeley Marina: OMG, I die. Literally this is my happy place. The view is so stunning, it's almost magical. The squirrels are too friendly and if you're feeling fancy, may I suggest Skates?

4. The Whale: Is that it's real name? Oh well I guess it's actually the Lawrence Hall of Science — if you want to get technical. Hands down the best view of the bay and campus. Makes my heart melt every time. 

5. Jupiter: My favorite dinner spot in Berkeley. Honestly, it's not that cool (but it really is). I think I've just come to love the memories I've had at this place. The patio is fun and it often kicks starts a good night. And that fact that pizza is my favorite food, works in it's favor. 

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