funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...creamsicle...edition

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-Having a dream that I didn't properly explain an exercise on POPSUGAR Fitness

-Going on a 2 day cupcake diet.

-When your running shoes stare you in the face.

-Talking to your car.

-The fact that I painted my apartment a week ago and still have paint in my hair.

-My talent for getting parking tickets.

-When people ask me if I got a hair cut. No, just brushed it.

-Feeding squirrels with my father (it's a REALLY long story).

-Kim K's pregnancy wardrobe.

-Googling "pancake delivery."

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-My brand, spankin' new computer. 

-Friends who make you wear "princess pins" and pink boas.

-Homemade funfetti cookies.

-Taking a "shopping break" instead of a lunch break.

-Those pretzels filled with peanut butter.


-Loving your job. 

-Wine (not whine) nights.

-Grabbing breakfast with friends b/4 work.

-When you find something at Anthropologie for under $10.

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