on the toughest workout ever...

This weekend, I did the toughest workout ever. I painted my apartment.

painting tips 1.jpg

No joke, I've never slept so well in my life. It's because I did...

-Squats, as in walking up and down the ladder.

-Arm raises, as in painting the ceiling. 

-Cardio, as in making numerous trips to the Home Depot.

-Weighted lifts, as in carrying gallons of paint up and down my stairs. 

painting tips 3.jpg

Honestly though, it was so worth it! I feel like I live in an entirely new place. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. If you're considering painting your place for the first time, keep these tips in mind: 

 — Always paint 2 coats (in my case, we did 3 thanks to the very old plaster walls) —

—Take the room section, by section. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed —

— As for the paint finish, use high gloss for the molding, ceiling paint for the ceiling, and flat for the walls —

— Don't be lazy, purchase sample colors first. I learned this the hard way —

— Quality brushes make the job easier —

— Don't do it alone, my mom helped me! —

painting tips.jpg

Take that CrossFit.

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