books that cook.

Ok fine, I'd rather read cookbooks than novels. Here are a few of my favorites. . . 

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Hello Cupcake: I've never actually gone through with an actual recipe (too much patience is needed) but the cupcakes and photos are amazing. They literally have a cupcake for every holiday, even April Fool's day! 

The Half-Hour Hostess: This book was thrifted but it's pretty great. The recipes are really easy and it comes with great tips for hosting friends in a short amount of time.

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The Kind Diet: For me, this was the book that started it all (cough cough turning vegan). Not only are the recipes amazing (emphasis on amazing) but the first part of the book is very informational. My favorite recipe is for the peanut butter cups, naturally

Thrive: Written by a professional Ironman, this book is perfect for athletes. Even if you aren't vegan or vegetarian, it has great recipes for homemade power-bars and snacks. If you are considering going meatless as an athlete, use this your guide. In fact, I performed and felt my best when following the recipes from this book. 

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Moosewood Restaurant New Classics: Written by the popular Ithaca restaurant, my best friend who studied at Cornell, sent me this to me. Most of the recipes are comforting and classic . . . AKA how to make giant oatmeal cookies!  

Raw Food, Life Force Energy: Want a non-juice detox? Consider this your guide. 

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