Gym Style + a Giveaway!

For those moments when you don't just stop at the gym....throw on a scarf, whip out the dry shampoo, and keep it comfy in color! 

gym top.png

It also helps if you have a cute top like this one from Albion Fit — a  women's fitness and swimwear brand I've been obsessing over lately! Their workout clothing is so comfy I pretty much wear it everywhere. . . yoga and work included. My favorite part is the little slit in the sleeves that show off your polish (obviously).  

Ps: You can win it! Well not "it," but your very own since I've already sweat in mine ;)

albion top.jpg

Here's how:

1. Like Albion Fit on Facebook (totally worth it BTW)

2. Visit Albion Fit and share your favorite product on Pinterest!

3. Let me know what you've pinned by leaving a sweet little comment below!

4. Tada! Contest will close 3/13/13

Use the code pushups15 to get $15 off any purchase of $50 or more!

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