funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...I need a spray tan, pronto...edition.

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-The cost of dry cleaning.

-When your iPhone runs out of space and/or battery and/or both.

-The TV show SPLASH. It's actually really awkward. 

-NyQuil hangovers.

-When your best friend moves away.

-Going to Home Depot in heels.

-Online shopping. It always backfires.

-When the treadmill makes time slow down... 


-March and all its madness.

-Visits from my mama! 

-Keeping up with the people on Jeopardy.

-Laughing until you cry.  

-Seeing your friends on the BART.

-Convincing the lady at the beauty counter to do your makeup. 

-Biting the ears off a chocolate bunny.

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