i'm all about...

I swear someone pressed the fast forward button on my life. Although it's all exciting/amazing/etc, it's a little scary! Knowing that it probably won't slow down anytime soon, I've been trying to live in the moment rather than anticipate the next holiday, award show, or trend.  I know the stuff on this list is incredibly simple, as in "blogger cliché" simple, but when the little things add up, something huge (usually) happens!


Ladies. Gents. Ladies and Gents. Flowers are power. But you already knew that...


I literally have a cup of  tea every night — just like your grandma. It's actually a great way to avoid drowning yourself in dessert (most of the time).  


I always do my own manicures and pedicures BUT when I'm visiting my mama, she likes to treat me to a spa day.

As for those sandals? Thank goodness it's Spring and I can give my boots a break!


Want to know a secret? I'm not much of a sleeper. Seriously! Never have been. But every weekend, one nap, just one nap, is a necessary guilty pleasure.


After having a love/hate relationship with this state (consider it cabin fever) and suffering from East Coast withdrawals, all it took was a weekend of warm weather on the beach to make me fall in love with my home again.

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