Funky vs. Fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...Black and white filters FTW edition.  



-When the dryer shrinks your clothes.

-Hipsters watching football.

-Parties that don't have enough food.

-Forgetting your reusable bags (it's a law here in NorCal).

-When furniture is delivered without the legs — it just happened. 

-Taylor Swift on Valentine's Day.

-Eating rice with chopsticks.

-Thinking in #'s.


-French Fries. Always.

-Running into the exact person you're texting. Awkward yet amazing. 

-Buying Valentine's Day candy simply because of its pink packaging. 

-Getting dressed up.

-Beyonce (duh).

-YELP adventures (aka: using only the app to guide your dinner choices).

-Arguing with the GPS (it doesn't talk back).

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