funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous: Target wardrobe FTW...edition. 

target dress.jpg


-Forgetting socks at the gym...

-Life before iPhones.  

-Considering peanut butter a food group.

-CZ Diamonds and knock-off bags.

-Sticky fingers after peeling an orange. 

-See-through purses.

-The flying time.

target dress - 4.jpg


-Exciting, new projects.

-Fresh fruit-salad.

-The success of former teammates.

-Trying new sports. #SORE.

-Spur of the moment adventures.

-Oscar weekend (I'm obsessed with this stuff!)

-Homemade cappuccinos.  

target - 3.jpg

[dress] [bag: gift] [shoes, on sale!}

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