The New Business.

What you see below, was never mentioned in business class... 


Or at least not in the classes I took...

 In an age where you can be it all, I believe the most important thing is proving to be yourself. Not just another business card or another test score, YOURSELF. I used to think that when I "grew up," I'd literally emerge from college graduation in a business suit. I found out, that's not the case — thank god because the good fitting ones are expensive and black is not my color. 

Anyways, looking at all theses cards makes me feel good knowing how far you can and will go if you stay true to your guns.

Ok fine, it sounds cliche AND some fields are more flexible than others, but I have a feeling that things are changing everywhere and in every occupation. 

So pair the neon bag with the blazer why don't ya and get on with it!

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