strawberry muffins

Rather than watching every game, I like to believe I have supported the 49ers in different ways this year: choosing SF over LA, the red nail polish over the blue, and gold accessories whenever possible. 

Today, I even kicked off Super Bowl Sunday with a 49ers inspired breakfast...AKA, doughnut muffins with strawberry filling (notice the colors?) 

strawberry muffin - 1 .jpg

This recipe is semi-homemade and very simple; it only requires doughnut mix, jam, and a muffin tin.  

After you follow the doughnut mix directions on the back of the box, divide half the mix among the muffin tin. Take your jam (I choose berry) and put a small spoonful over the batter in each cup. With the remaining mix, fill the muffin tins to the top. 

Cook as the box suggests and finish with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.


strawberry jam -2 .jpg

I'm sure you could try a similar method using muffin mix or dough, but I really like the light, fluffy texture of doughnut mix. It's basically like an oversized, jam-filled doughnut hole!

strawberry muffin .jpg

PS: I encourage everyone, not just Niners fans to try these! 


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