funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...TGIF dress like a REF....edition.

Striped Dress 1.jpg


-Applying red lipstick.

-Girl Scout cookies during Lent.

-The line at the post office. 

-When the dryer doesn't dry all your clothes.

-Chicken & Waffle potato chips.

-When the cashier thought I was 19 (I have my Sephora serum to blame).

-Taking out the trash in the rain. 

striped dress 3.jpg


-Considering taking the stairs in heels, a workout.

-Getting a package of chocolate covered potato chips, oreos, and popcorn. 

-Youtube workouts.

-Geting really fancy for a night.

-Valentine's Day sugary-ness

-Watching people do the HARLEM SHAKE.

-Forever 21 raids.

-The "shampoo step" when you get your hair done at the salon.  

striped dress.jpg

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