Everything But Files...

That awkward moment when you realize your file cabinet is more of a beauty counter...Oops. 


My Desk "Essentials" 

Hair Ties: An absolute must...especially if you like to go to the gym once a month. 

Oil Blotters: I used to think that blotters were overrated until I got a hold of these fancy ones. The drug store brands are great too! 

Hand Cream: Here's how it goes... Step off the BART --> Sanitize --> Hand Cream --> BOOM.

Nail Polish: Honestly IDK why I have nail polish in my desk, but whatever

Eye Makeup Remover: If anyone has figured out a way for their eyeliner NOT to smudge, please tell me. If not, use these little pads

Hairbrush: My hair is a mess, always. A brush helps :) 

Lip balm: Chapped lips aren't cute. Prevent it. 

Travel Brushes: I got this little kit from BareMinerals and it comes in handy when I need to do a quick touchup before heading out after work. 

Perfume: Perfume is another great thing to have on hand. I have a few options, but Tocca is my favorite

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