2013 Like Woah.

HOLY HELL . . . IT'S ALMOST 2014?!? 

Anyone else freaking out?

Anyways, I'm truly am excited for the opportunities and adventures of the year to come. As for 2013, it's been a gem. I always love looking back through my blog to see all the random things I've posted and all awkward outfit posts I decided to publish. Just like it does each year, PWP has grown with me and is still a big part of my life. While each post did become a bit more personal (partly so I can maintain a balance between work & blogging), I did love sharing partnerships with brands like Martha Stewart and MSN with you too.

In case you missed out, here are few of my favorite posts from 2013. Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and supporting me through another 365 days. I honestly really appreciate it. Best of luck for a safe and happy 2014. I can't wait to see what the new year has to hold!

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It was 3 years ago back in July, when I decided to start a "website" at 2 am with the intention of it curing a nasty sickness (the full story can be found here). Little did I know that I would eventually fall in love with writing and that this passion would turn into a career. 

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If you don't yet know, I love to entertain. Having friends over is probably my favorite thing to do — plus, you can't play Cards Against Humanity in public. After talking about it for some time and writing several cocktail posts, I decided to take to finally "curate" my beverage collection. I highly suggest you do the same. This post will show you how...


This Summer, the Bay Bridge got an absolutely stunning makeover. I was fortunate enough to photograph the process and live to blog about it. 


Back in January I finally got to hang with all my blogging friends at ALT summit. Before I headed out, I did a cliche "blogger packing post." Naturally, it became a favorite of mine.

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There are two basic necessities in life: a good gym bag and a good homepage. That being said, I teamed up with MSN in April to create the perfect gym bag

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Last year, I supported SF football with a 49ers inspired breakfast on the day of the Super Bowl...AKA doughnut muffins with strawberry filling (notice the colors?). The recipe is semi-homemade and very simple; it only requires doughnut mix, jam, and a muffin tin. Amazing.


In August, I finally went to my first Outside Lands! Although I was completely wiped out by the end of it, I had a great time and don't regret ruining my shoes (and feet) in the process. Of course seeing Paul McCartney perform live was life changing.


In November, I decided I'd be washed up in Palm Springs, so I wrote a short story about it. It's not very exciting but the idea of tanning all day was worthy of a post. 


When life gives you lemons, THROW A PARTY! Well, more like a brunch, but you catch my drift. With a little help from Martha (yes, the Martha Stewart!) I turned lemons and a "celebration-in-a-box"  into an epic afternoon in June.


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