Why I'll Be Washed Up in Palm Springs

(a serious story) 

palm springs desert.jpg

About two weeks ago, on a life hiatus, I decided that Palm Springs would be where I'd retire. While it's NO Hawaii, it's certainly not the pits of Florida either; making it a happy medium for those seeking a combination of the two. But bedsides the heat, Palm Springs has a lot more going for it than spring breakers.

For me personally, it's a dream come true. I could go decor shopping all day, eat diner food, and continue to work on the tan that I will never have. If that gets boring (which is almost impossible), I could then leave my mid-century modern, humble abode and stroll to the outlet mall.

Who's with me? 

forever marilyn statue palm springs.jpg
poolside reading.jpg
the viceroy palm springs.jpg
the viceroy palm springs .jpg
cobb salad.JPG
palm springs palm tree.jpg

Ps: I'm only semi-serious about this plan. 

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