Funky vs. Fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...The best outfit posts involve champagne...Edition

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-Being that girl who forgets to bring her sneakers to the gym. 

-The amount of quarters it takes to do my laundry. 

-Waking up with a stiff neck. 

-Chasing down UPS.

-The sizing at Forever 21. 

-Realizing you ordered sushi with fish...when you're a vegetarian. SMH.

-Shin splits. Suckers hurt! 

-The fact that Kate Moss is 40.


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emily bibb.jpg


-2014. So far, so epic. 

-Dry shampoo. 

-Wine nights on my fire escape. #ghetto. 

-Peanut butter & fluff (DON'T JUDGE ME!).

- 3 way calls. So middle school. So great.

-Living 5 minutes away from Trader Joe's (aka constant flow of trail mix!) 

-Gummy vitamins. 

-My coworkers. 

-The SF weather. It's 70 degrees!!!! WTF. 

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