A Note to My 22 Year Old Self

Tonight, to my surprise, I found something unpacking my apartment that I didn't even remember existed — a journal. Now, this journal wasn't my usual scribbles or an OCD to-do list for the week, it was an actual account of my life 2 years ago….almost exactly to this date. 


As a blogger, I don't like to show readers that hard times exist. Instagram and outfit photos would suck if everyone looked sad. But, 2 years ago, I had hit what I now consider a turning point in my life: I decided to retire as an athlete, I was in a car accident, and my grandfather passed away (in my arms). In all honestly, I had no idea how and why all this happened in such a concentrated amount of time, but it did. 

Opening up this journal, what I found were thoughts, questions, and curiosities of what I wanted my life to become. It was no secret that I was scared and confused. It wasn't until the last page, where I listed the goals I had for after graduation. 

I guess what I'm here to say to anybody stuck in a similar situation, is that it is going to be ok. Not magically, but if you believe in yourself enough, you can make it happen. I can honestly say I am currently doing EVERYTHING on that last page. Ironically, nothing unfolded how I expected, but it would have been extremely boring if it did. 

If you've even read this far, please trust me; LIFE is what you make of it. Hell, I'm scared for what tomorrow, yet alone what the next few years will hold, but tonight proved to be a good reminder. While nothing is certain, you owe it to yourself to believe in the process. Everything happens for reason.

*originally written on November 26, 2013*

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