10+ Ways to Do Napa Right

(in case you were wondering) 

napa trip.jpg

1. Bring all your best friends (LITERALLY ALL OF 'EM) 

2. Start with a brunch, lunch, or whatever. Just be sure to carbo load. 

3. Don't question the flow, as in the flow of wine. 

4. Pretend to master the swirl, sniff, sip. 

5. Pregame at Oxbow Public Market with cheese and crackers don't forget the fig spread. 

6. Delete SnapChat…No one wants to see you having a good time without them. 

7. Accept that your teeth will turn red and it won't be cute. 

8. Pull over and pose in the first vineyard you see. 

9. Look on Foursquare for coupons. This is how we landed a 2-4-1 special. 

10. Don't plan on raging past 5, everything closes. It's sad but true. 

11. On your way back to SF, end with a beer and pizza at Jupiter

emily bibb & friends.jpg
emily bibb & friends .jpg
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