Funky vs. Fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous...Romping around...Edition. 

forver 21 romper.jpg


-Burning your tongue.  

-Texting the wrong person. Oops. 

-When your electric toothbrush runs out of battery.  

-Earthquakes (even the tiny little bastards).  

-Folding fitted sheets. Don't even...

-The tattoos in hot yoga class. Just sayin.  

-Room temperature coffee.  

-Being that girl who just started watching Breaking Bad.  


forver 21 romper - 1.jpg


-Having a mentor. 

-Pumpkin pie dip.  

-When your friends surprise you at lunch.  

-Gold spray paint. The cure all.  

-Going HAM in Forever21. 

-Getting shampooed at the hair salon.  

-Making cereal combinations. #pastime. 

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forver 21 romper - 2.jpg
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