10 Reasons Why I'm Ironic

Here are 10 reasons why I'm not really meant to be a blogger, yet I still am...

Image 10-9-13 at 2.12 PM.jpg

1. I know moving cars are dangerous, yet I still pose in the street.

2. I make outfit photos awkward. 

3. High heels don't make me feminine, they make me 6'3.   

4. I wear sunglasses to avoid makeup, not to look chic. 

5. It's hard for me to embrace the selfie. 

6. I don't own designer gems - this dress is from F21.

7. My hair makes me look like I used the wrong flash setting. 

8.  I'm shamelessly awkward.

9.  I look down to avoid cracks, not to "fake ponder" my outfit.

10.  My nail polish chips way too often. 


Guess what? The best part about blogging that you can be yourself, making the above A-OK. 


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