beauty products for VAYCAY

Since I'm vain, makeup on vacation is a semi-essential. If I happen to leave the pool, here's what I throw on for dinner, drinks, and public appearances at the hotel lobby (jk). 

travel makeup.jpg

Perfume: Since NO ONE wants to smell like chlorine, a few dabbles of Tocca (travel size) is an essential. 

Brow Wand: This gel is the best way to tame your caterpillars and add a little color (without making you look tacky). I have literally gone through bottles of this stuff. 

NAKED Basics: I openly embrace my love for nudes with stuff. It's similar to this NAKED pallet, but smaller in size. You can easily create a smokey eye in seconds. 

Foundation: Lets get real, I'm not Beyonce, so foundation is a must.  

Mascara: It's a crime to leave any house/hotel without mascara. This stuff offers a nice curl and is similar to wearing falsies. 

Blush: I love this MAC blush because it completes a minimal beauty look and makes a vacation glow, "glowier." 

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