The Day I Realized I Will Never Be Kate Moss.

(a short story) 

emily bibb.jpg

I used to have this secret hope that I would one day be Kate Moss. Yup, I embraced smeared eyeliner, I bought a cheetah coat, and I even went a day without brushing my hair. Anyways, when Paige (from STYLEpaige) asked me to be in a project, I thought "my KATE moment awaits." 


"Modeling" — emphasis on the " " — is hard as hell. Between the outfit changes and smiling for 3 hours, I was exhausted. Also, posing on a paper backdrop is brutal. It really is. Then, without hair and makeup, there was no hope of me ever looking like a VOGUE girl. EVER. 

But to my credit, I can still eat French fries and I no longer have to practice a British accent in the mirror. So there's an upside to this dream killer, even if it means I'll never have my own Top Shop line...

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