basic eyes & winter nails

I like anything that's easy on the eyes....Ha. 

But really, my everyday look is rather simple and only requires a few products. To start, I like to use a base shadow, typically a cream shadow or an eye primer. I find that MAC paint pots are perfect because they add shimmer and help to keep loose shadow in place. I follow with the NAKED basics palette (my new favorite.) This stuff is amazing and is a nice matte substitute to the original palette. I finish with a swipe of liner and brush of mascara

The end!


My favorite Winter polishes are sort of all over the place, but honestly who isn't?  This nude polish has become my go-to and is perfect if your nails chip a lot or you often wear statement rings. I consider the Deporah Lipmann a flashy neutral and the Essie red a classic. The Tom Ford purple? Perfection.  

Ps: Here is a great video showing 3 looks you can achieve using the Naked Basics palette

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