call me maybe?

Before there was calling, texting, emailing, or paging...There was the "calling card."

Wait, come again?

Yes, people actually had "call" to vist someone using a tiny, paper card. So, lets say I wanted to visit my bff: I'd have to ride a pony to her house, present the card to the doorman, have him take it to her, then anxiously wait for a response (which she could say NO to by placing the card in an envolope...) 

Hmmm thanks but no thanks. I'd rather tweet. 

So thank you Mr. Bell and Mr. Jobs for saving us time, paper, and sanity. 

calling cards.jpg

The pic above is of old calling cards that my nana had saved. For the complete history of this foreign idea (that I eagerly felt compelled to share) go here.  

Happy Monday!

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