funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...Fashion's Night Out edition. 



-The floral pants (below.) Really though, NEVER AGAIN.

-Feeling at home in Neiman Marcus. Um Emily...It's a store.

-Knowing what sardines feel like, thanks to Bart and its issues. 

-My roots. What traders, letting people know I'm not a blonde. 

-Those who don't believe in retail therapy. Clearly, they aren't doing it right. 

-Revolving doors. 

-Feeling icky. Mehhhh. 

-Awkward bathroom conversations. 



-I had a full circle moment this week. It was incredible. 

-3 hour dinners with my best friend, talking business over chocolate cake. 

-Buying a "monumental" piece of jewelry for myself, by myself. 

- Reading this book in one sitting. 

-Waterproof mascara. 

-Considering the act of trying on clothes, a workout. 

-Seeing pics of athletes at Fashion Week. 

-The US Open. What I would have done to be in a sport with skirts and pretty pony-tails. 

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