weekly wellness: rest

 Hey chicas! 

Like a good pair of shoes, good heath is just as important! Although the idea of making lifestyle changes can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming, it doesn't have to be...baby steps, girl, baby steps.

 This is where the series WEEKLY WELLNESS comes in. My friend and coworker Laura, has kick started a 12 week series as a reminder to help each of us live a mindful lifestyle. It is pretty genius and I'm kinda excited about it. Although I'm fashionably late in telling you this (it started with hydration last week!) it's never too late right? 

This week's theme is REST, perfect timing, because I've totally been lacking in that these days.

If you want to take part and show us how you're resting up this week, use #weeklywellness on Twitter and Instagram

Happy sleeping!

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