a girls bff.

Q: "Do you workout in jewelry?"

 A: Umm, are YOU serious?

Of course I do! Always have, always will. I've never believed diamonds could cause drag and what better point of focus than a necklace in yoga. And yes, I had magic racing earrings (sue me.) 

If you are confused by the above statements, read no further. If you totally get what I'm talking about, lets bond over bling...

Pictured: Vintage ashtrays, a sentimental bracelet, my watch from here, and delicate black jade hoops I got as a gift.

My collection of Forever 21(ish) layering necklaces.

Pictured: My fad 1990s Nomination bracelet, a twisted bracelet made by my mother, other favorites, and my butterfly ring.

Pictured: New and vintage costume rings + my swim ring.

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